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Rue Vintage 74 was created in 2010 as an online decor store whose creator, Piluca Hueso, backs a lifestyle bound up with unique pieces with a soul and history. It is a maison 2.0 where pieces rescued from the nineteenth century to the seventies coexist with other outstanding modern design pieces. In 2016, it opened its first brick and mortar space, La Trastienda. It is an open-plan house in an industrial setting in Madrid where you can enjoy the entire virtual experience in person, a temple of unique pieces where you can decorate your home from beginning to end. In 2017, La Nave made its debut. It is La Trastienda’s neighbour, a ‘secret’ space in an open-plan warehouse that is 250 square metres with natural light and an industrial look that is reminiscent of factories in New York’s DUMBO neighbourhood, where pieces steal the show and are the indisputable protagonists.


Our mission is to go on a never-ending search for beauty and to reflect it through unique pieces of furniture and objects.

We want to surprise you with a different experience and make you dream about the piece that stands out from the rest and is as unique as you are.

Our atmosphere creates the story of a life, and this is how we have designed the decor. All of your best experiences together, where there isn’t one style, there are many styles in one. It is a real point of view where you are the protagonist and your home has been designed almost like a sacred place where the best pieces from every era remain.

We offer timeless pieces and ones that are more in line with trends but they are all always chosen from the same standpoint: beauty.


We have been unconventional since the beginning, breaking the mould and breaking away from the classic way of selling decor, and that is how we imagine the future. We surprise our customers with one-of-a-kind and authentic products and a very inspirational shopping experience in an outstanding setting.



We put our heart into what we do. This is the premise we start with. If we want to move you, we must be moved first. And this happens from when we first lay our eyes on the product until it has found a new destination. The textures and fine materials and the shapes and colours together are, for some reason, what makes us fall for the beauty of each piece that will later become part of our collection. #wesellwhatwelove #vendemosloqueamamos


It is our starting point. We select the best suppliers in the world when we buy antiques as well as when it comes to artisans or modern brands. #qualityfirst


The mix is our key. We are the sum of many styles in one which is our very unique style. We are a free style in an interesting puzzle where everything fits, pieces from the nineteenth century with other modern ones, handcrafted pieces from the most remote places on the planet together with the most avant-garde and cutting edge design. We see life as an adaptation process where you surround yourself with what makes you feel the best in each stage of your life. #mixandmatch”


Phone: +34 649 00 15 74 from 10:00 to 14:00
Email: [email protected] 24h.

Where we are

La Trastienda de Rue Vintage 74
Pasaje de Doña Carlota 6, 28002 Madrid
Open the first Saturday of the month from 11:00 to 14:00
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